Friday, August 2, 2013

The Darkside of Ender's Game Movie Promotion

There is a new and final Ender's Game Movie Poster that will be coming out today over at
Which I am sure will be polished and beautiful, but I still would like to see some promotion that caters to the darker elements of the story and to Ender's character.

Alternative Ender's Game Movie Poster by Darian Robbins

OK maybe that is a bit too much.... It's a sci-fi movie not a horror show. The background image of the blood flowing into the drain comes from the work of this photographer, Ross Golden.
Check out some of his awesome work.

When I read the book as a younger man, I thought Ender was totally justified in his actions of taking lives in the defense of his own and humanity. Upon rereading multiple times, I don't feel the same as I did then. Which is weird because I now understand how the sentiment of humanity turned from seeing Ender as its savior to someone who is the object of scorn. Time to reread Speaker for the Dead with different eyes and heart.

That was one of moral questions that confronts you in the book that I hope is not watered down in the midst of the lush visuals in the movie. RIP Stilson, Bonzo, and the whole Formic Race.