Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last Ender's Game Trailer - Direction

My last fan made trailer for the upcoming Ender's Game Movie entitled "Direction". Featuring the song "Ansible" by Stephon Jones http://soundcloud.com/sovarozum. There a few images I, Darian Robbins http://artofdarian.blogspot.com. created specifically the logos of the Battle School and the armies. There is a shot of the Battle Room created by Stephen Sywak twitter.com/boothby171. There are alot of production stills I took from the Ender's Game Production Blog http://endersgameblog.tumblr.com/. I used picture of Asa Butterfield taken by Suraj Partha twitter.com/surajpartha.  The Flash suit is taken from a picture of a TRON 2.0 costume made by Quantum Creation FX http://www.quantumcreationfx.com. Other imagery I pulled off the web and will update them accordingly as I find them.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quantum Creation FX and the Ender's Game Movie

Strolling through the IMDB page for Ender's Game. I came across and interesting company that is credited for creating "Specialty Costumes" for the movie. That company is called Quantum Creation FX. Quantum is headed by Christian Beckman and resides in Burbank, CA. Since 2005 they have specialized in building costumes and special effects for the  movie and television industries. They strive to offer an "exceptional product at economical prices" but with a "high degree of excellence" from "award winning artists, constant motivation, and individualized attention." 

This company has a pretty impressive resume. They have made the suits for TRON: LEGACY

 ....They made Suits for the STAR TREK reboot

 To me only make sense that "Specialty Costumes" = Ender's Game Flash Suits! So look on the images above with some expectation of the quality we will see when they appear in the movie.
Now take a look at a image of a battle suit I made up from one of their previous designs from TRON: LEGACY!

Fan Image of Ender's Game Flash Suit by Darian Robbins and Quantum Creation FX

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More old Ender's Game Work-Formics and Marines

As I clean out old files from my computers and portfolios, I keep running across old Ender's Game artwork. I drew these pictures probably around 2001.

Concept Drawings of the Formics and Hive Queen from Ender's Game by Darian Robbins
I always pictured the Formics to be insect looking, but walking upright with strong ant features. The Hive Queen I pictured her having a complex antenna array on her head that looked like a crown but functioned to broadcast her commands to her workers.

International Fleet Marines from Ender's Game by Darian Robbins

The IF Marines were pretty basic I just channeled what I saw from the SPace Marines in Aliens.