Thursday, May 31, 2012

International Fleet Desktop Background

EG Movie fans if you need a desktop backdrop to help you represent your love of the game... I got you covered!. My unofficial desktop backdrop of the official International Fleet Logo for the movie recreated from this past weeks Ender's Game Production Blog image. Click on the image to get to the larger image and then download! Only 500+ , long time time until...blah blah blah...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Ender's Game Fan Trailer "WIN THE END"

My latest fan trailer. It has alot of photos form the Ender's Game Production Blog, plus some of my own work, and others that I have grabbed of the Internets! I apologize if the audio is kind of loud at times. Keep your finger near the volum button, otherwise, enjoy!

The song is called "Frozen Whispers" by Stephon Jones. Check out his music on Soundcloud. Its very good plus he has some tracks from and Ender's Game score he is doing. I'm not sure if its for an audio or e-book. I have to ask him about that.

That's my voice your hearing. The text of what I wanted to say is below, but I modified during the taping.


They've watched through his eyes.
They've listened through his ears.
And they know he's the one
So they will take him
and others like him
to train them as warriors
to play the game of survival
for the survival of all humanity
as they face a terrible enemy
making it's play
to destroy all they know.
Ender's Game
Win the end.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Real International Fleet Symbol

The Ender's Game Production Blog finally made their update and it was a good one. We finally get a peek at the official symbol for the International Fleet, the military organization that protects humanity and runs the Battle School in Ender's Game.

I can dig it. To me it has got a Roman Empire dictatorially feel to it, which is how I feel the Fleet probably acts in the Ender Universe. Afterall, they can monitor you kids electronically and take them away from you to train them for war and humanity's defense. I wonder if the designs and stars have any meaning?

Back when I imagined what The International Fleet Logo would look like I created this:

For the Ender's Game Comics produced by Marvel it got beefed up to this:

Which is grittier than the movie design. Also, my design composed of a crest and shield arrangement with a star rising above a stylized Earth and a winged shield in the foreground. The shield meanings were a description of the IF's purpose of the defense of humanity. The wings and the star were to symbolize space where IF held vigilance. I also had three bold lines that formed the star to symbolize the 3 leadership positions of Earth , the Polemarch, the Strategos, and the Hegemon, working in concert. Pretty good, huh? (Pats Back) At times I can't believe how geeked out I sound about this kind of stuff.

Here is a better view of the insignia. So tell me is everything that you imagined?


Friday, May 18, 2012

Ender's Game Movie Concept Imagery?

***Post Update****

UPDATE: From Summit PR:

   " These are NOT from the film. The Ben Proctor image was a personal sketch that was done years ago, before he was ever affiliated with the ENDER’S GAME production. It was his own fan art and not something that is or ever was a piece of concept art for the film. You’ll note that Ben is taking this down from his personal site, but it’s only to ward off further confusion. The David Levy image is also not a piece of concept art from the film. This is actually from a video game project he worked on years ago. "

****Back to the regularly scheduled blog****

I can't wait to start seeing more complete images of the set for the Ender's Game Movie. I'm sure they will be releasing something "official" soon enough, but still I had to go searching. So starting with IMDB I saw that Ben Proctor, a visual artist that is known for his work on such movies as Transformers and Avatar, is heading up the Production Design for the movie. I viewed some recent work in his online gallery he posted up in his online gallery and came across this image: 

While he lists it as "Sketch of a scene from the classic scifi novel 'Ender's Game'. I wonder if it might be a set for the movie since it looks like the simulators Ender and company use at the Command School on Eros.Only time will tell

Also,  in my IMDB hunt I came across the David Vyle Levy, senior concept artist, for the movie. In his online gallery he posted this shot entitled "Corridor."

What interested me in this piece as a possible set design for the Ender's Game is the rounded door at the end of the hall, the shape of the hall way, and the paneling layout. In my mind a lot of those elements looked like the parts of a set that were visible behind a picture Roberto Orci in a posting on the Ender's Game Production Blog

Yeah. I'm reaching for sure....but hey, I got to do something while I wait the 530+ days until I can see the real thing.

I also noticed that the color of the suit top of the person standing at the end of the "Corridor" picture is a color blue like a picture posted on this weeks edition of the Production Blog showing the color scheme of the real life suit behind Graff's name tag.

I'm done.
No, really.
Have a good weekend....