Sunday, March 11, 2012

More old Ender's Game (Fan) Work!

Ooh, I found some more old Ender's Game Artwork. This had to be done around 2000 or 2001? These images were apart of a packet I entitled "Philotic Visions" it was a collection of all my EG related imagery I created and gave (and he accepted) at EnderCon in 2002

Ender at the start of the last battle on Eros
Ender in the Battle Room

Battle School Desk Q


  1. Hey, thanks for re-posting these! I remember I had printed some of them out years ago (I never knew who had made them) and it was so cool to stumble back upon them. Your work is fantastic! I do have one question that has always bothered me: in the sketch of Ender's last battle, what is the word in the bubble next to Ender's knee? Now that I've found you, maybe I'll finally know!!

  2. Hey Elizabeth,

    I'm glad you like these and remember them! I was trying to purge all my Ender related stuff before the "official" movie images came out. The words by his knee are "MD Device" written backward!