Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Ender's Game Fan Trailer "WIN THE END"

My latest fan trailer. It has alot of photos form the Ender's Game Production Blog, plus some of my own work, and others that I have grabbed of the Internets! I apologize if the audio is kind of loud at times. Keep your finger near the volum button, otherwise, enjoy!

The song is called "Frozen Whispers" by Stephon Jones. Check out his music on Soundcloud. Its very good plus he has some tracks from and Ender's Game score he is doing. I'm not sure if its for an audio or e-book. I have to ask him about that.

That's my voice your hearing. The text of what I wanted to say is below, but I modified during the taping.


They've watched through his eyes.
They've listened through his ears.
And they know he's the one
So they will take him
and others like him
to train them as warriors
to play the game of survival
for the survival of all humanity
as they face a terrible enemy
making it's play
to destroy all they know.
Ender's Game
Win the end.

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