Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Real International Fleet Symbol

The Ender's Game Production Blog finally made their update and it was a good one. We finally get a peek at the official symbol for the International Fleet, the military organization that protects humanity and runs the Battle School in Ender's Game.

I can dig it. To me it has got a Roman Empire dictatorially feel to it, which is how I feel the Fleet probably acts in the Ender Universe. Afterall, they can monitor you kids electronically and take them away from you to train them for war and humanity's defense. I wonder if the designs and stars have any meaning?

Back when I imagined what The International Fleet Logo would look like I created this:

For the Ender's Game Comics produced by Marvel it got beefed up to this:

Which is grittier than the movie design. Also, my design composed of a crest and shield arrangement with a star rising above a stylized Earth and a winged shield in the foreground. The shield meanings were a description of the IF's purpose of the defense of humanity. The wings and the star were to symbolize space where IF held vigilance. I also had three bold lines that formed the star to symbolize the 3 leadership positions of Earth , the Polemarch, the Strategos, and the Hegemon, working in concert. Pretty good, huh? (Pats Back) At times I can't believe how geeked out I sound about this kind of stuff.

Here is a better view of the insignia. So tell me is everything that you imagined?


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