Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last Ender's Game Trailer - Direction

My last fan made trailer for the upcoming Ender's Game Movie entitled "Direction". Featuring the song "Ansible" by Stephon Jones http://soundcloud.com/sovarozum. There a few images I, Darian Robbins http://artofdarian.blogspot.com. created specifically the logos of the Battle School and the armies. There is a shot of the Battle Room created by Stephen Sywak twitter.com/boothby171. There are alot of production stills I took from the Ender's Game Production Blog http://endersgameblog.tumblr.com/. I used picture of Asa Butterfield taken by Suraj Partha twitter.com/surajpartha.  The Flash suit is taken from a picture of a TRON 2.0 costume made by Quantum Creation FX http://www.quantumcreationfx.com. Other imagery I pulled off the web and will update them accordingly as I find them.

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