Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More old Ender's Game Work-Formics and Marines

As I clean out old files from my computers and portfolios, I keep running across old Ender's Game artwork. I drew these pictures probably around 2001.

Concept Drawings of the Formics and Hive Queen from Ender's Game by Darian Robbins
I always pictured the Formics to be insect looking, but walking upright with strong ant features. The Hive Queen I pictured her having a complex antenna array on her head that looked like a crown but functioned to broadcast her commands to her workers.

International Fleet Marines from Ender's Game by Darian Robbins

The IF Marines were pretty basic I just channeled what I saw from the SPace Marines in Aliens.

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  1. Interesting...I'm looking for some good artwork depicting the buggers, but there doesn't seem to be any that seem to actually follow what i imagine them to be. I really hope someone would work on the descriptions given by the comics, as they give incomplete profiles, although there ones they DO create have quite a bit of detail.