Sunday, January 27, 2013

Antsy to see more imagery related to the Ender's Game movie? I got you!

I detect a general sense of tension in the Ender's Game Fandom (Really it's just me) about the lack of imagery surrounding the upcoming film adaptation.I thought I remedy that by scraping the Internets for any pictures that might be related to the production that we haven't seen yet.

Lo and behold.... I found this gem of what I believe is a corridor in the Battle School.

Picture removed at a nice request from the Movie PR dept.

Yeah, I know its small.

 I found it on a website belonging to one of the movie's Art Director's Clint Wallace ( It was on the front page of the site under the "Current Projects" section. The title of the image is "BattleSchool_s"

Still that's a small picture, let's blow it up through Photoshop and examine further. Ooooooh.

Picture removed at a nice request from the Movie PR dept.

But I do have a picture of  a represenative 3D model I made from the picture.

Much better, but how do I know that this is from the movie?  Well, from matching up elements I have seen in other official pictures. Remember this picture from the production blog this past year of Roberto Orci on set?

 Certain elements on that picture match the one I found on Clint's website:

Picture removed at a nice request from the Movie PR dept.

Come on, don't you see it?!

The second set of images I found on the Internet that might be related to the Ender's Game movie, comes from the website of Brett Phillps ( He is listed on the IMDB movie page as a model maker in the art department. 

Picture removed at a nice request from the Movie PR dept.

This is just one of a series of pictures of a foam board (?) model he made that is listed under his "Ender's Game" work. (Direct link here). I'm not sure what part of the set it corresponds too, but I am going to make a guess and say that it might have something to do with Fleet Command on the Eros facility. 

Enjoy, launchies! This post is sure to self destruct in a day or two...

It's Destructed...

Told you so...


  1. If you'll note, that last link is disabled--it returns you to that website's root (home) page.

    Also, the article about all this on EN has been erased.

    So much for fan support!

  2. Par for the course my friend. Let's not be hasty now Steve. they support fans, its' the Superfans (like myself) that wring the "internets" for every last bit of info. they might turn their back on :p

  3. They're not turning their back on you. Their using you and other "super fans" to sniff out leaks. You're a canary in a coal mine for them.

    And they have a choice--they can tell you to stop (which they do), ignore you, or tell you to continue. They could even tell you to continue, and not tell anyone that they've told you to continue. Either way, ignoring you (giving you freedom to act) or specifically telling you to continue helps THEM drum up interest without much effort on their part.

    But they tell you to stop. BTW--what would happen if you DIDN'T stop?